Bring your own phone

Bring any eligible, inactive Sprint® device to Kroger Wireless, and activate it with a Kroger Wireless plan.* To find your ESN/MEID, check under the battery of the device or dial *#06# on your phone.

Note: DO NOT power on device until prompted to do so.

(Where do I find this?)
(Where do I find this?)

*Not all devices branded with the Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile, or Assurance trademark are eligible for activation by Kroger Wireless under the Program; please contact Kroger Wireless to determine eligibility. Specific restrictions and exclusions apply. Some features of the device may not function properly when activated with Kroger Wireless. Please ask Kroger Wireless about any limitations.

*Kroger Wireless services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network. Kroger Wireless is responsible to Kroger Wireless subscribers for their services. Please call Kroger Wireless with any questions or comments about services.

*Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless are trademarks of Sprint. The Virgin Mobile USA trademark is licensed exclusively to Sprint in the United States.

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All of our phones have the option to keep your old phone number, free shipping, and no contracts. 

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