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Enter your ESN/MEID to activate new service with Kroger Wireless. To find your Electronic Serial Number (ESN), refer to device package label or dial *#06# on your phone.

Note: DO NOT power on your phone until prompted to do so.

Already a Kroger Wireless customer? If you are activating a new device on your existing Kroger Wireless account, click here.

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Earn 4X Fuel Points when you pay by credit card

The number entered does not exist. Please re-enter the number. Shopper Card number starts with the number 4 or enter your 10- digit Alt-ID beginning with area code + 7-digit number
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Having trouble adding shopper card number.

We cannot validate this number. Let’s continue with the activation process and you can add your shopper card after the activation process has completed when you sign into My Account.


Earn fuel points when you pay for your monthly plan by credit card. Points are calculated from the pretax amount charged to the card on file. Fuel points earned are good for use with the Kroger Family of Stores fuel points program.

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Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
Merchant Name on your billing statement will appear as
Kroger Wireless LLC 866-434-7796 KY
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Kroger Wireless LLC
1 Levee Way, Suite 3104
Newport, KY 40171
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Congratulations! Your new mobile number is: {{newMdn|phone}}

Now, power on your phone to automatically begin the handsfree activation process.

Note: Your phone may run a series of updates. Press OK when prompted. Allow up to 15 minutes to complete this process.

Having trouble activating your device?

  • For an Android device press ##72786# to initiate the handsfree activation process.
  • For an iPhone device press ##873283# and tap the call button to initiate the handsfree activation process.

Still need help? Contact customer care at 1-866-434-7796.

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Plan ${{selectedPlanAmount}} {{selectedPlanDescription}}
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Oops, the airtime card added was less than the plan selected

${{accountBalance}} was added to your account balance, but you selected the ${{selectedPlanAmount}} plan.

Go to My Account to complete your plan purchase or contact customer care at 1-866-434-7796 for additional assistance.

Enter your phone number {{newMdn|phone}} and passcode you used to setup your Kroger Wireless account.

Error processing credit card

There was problem while processing you payment. Please call 866-434-7796 to speak to a representative to complete your activation.