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Enter your ESN/MEID to activate new service with Kroger Wireless. To find your Electronic Serial Number (ESN), refer to device package label or dial *#06# on your phone.

Note: DO NOT power on your phone until prompted to do so.

Already a Kroger Wireless customer? If you are activating a new device on your existing Kroger Wireless account, click here.

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Kroger Wireless LLC 866-434-7796 KY
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Newport, KY 40171
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Congratulations! Your new mobile number is: {{newMdn|phone}}

Now, power on your phone to automatically begin the handsfree activation process.

Note: Your phone may run a series of updates. Press OK when prompted. Allow up to 15 minutes to complete this process.

Having trouble activating your device?

  • For an Android device press ##72786# to initiate the handsfree activation process.
  • For an iPhone device press ##873283# and tap the call button to initiate the handsfree activation process.

Still need help? Contact customer care at 1-866-434-7796.

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${{accountBalance}} was added to your account balance, but you selected the ${{selectedPlanAmount}} plan.

Go to My Account to complete your plan purchase or contact customer care at 1-866-434-7796 for additional assistance.

Enter your phone number {{newMdn|phone}} and passcode you used to setup your Kroger Wireless account.

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There was problem while processing you payment. Please call 866-434-7796 to speak to a representative to complete your activation.